E & PMC Oil and Gas




Ozone has developed core competence in various aspects of engineering across the project lifecycle in both offshore and onshore domain of Oil & Gas industry. Our multidisciplinary team comprising Process, Piping, Mechanical, Structural, Electrical & Instrumentation and Pipeline is capable of delivering turnkey engineering and project management solutions to clients across key international markets.


Ozone’s experience in multi-disciplinary engineering services has laid a strong foundation to provide accurate and cost effective solutions to industrial plant engineering.

Our experience in engineering includes full field development, industrial plant engineering, modular process skids, electrical houses, as-built preparation, mechanical design and structural adequacy checks to its Clients.

We also extend these capabilities in terms of Engineering Detailing, Procurement Assistance, Site Inspection, and Quality Assurance services to various other sectors including Water, Steel, Cement & Power Plants.




In the domain of Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) services for Oil and Gas industry, Ozone manages all design, procurement assistance and construction supervision activities ensuring timely completion of work with international quality standards. We ensure better control over the project with quickly regularizing our workflow to client specific requirements.


Ozone has assisted both large and mid-scale enterprises operating in EPC, Fabrication, Plant Operations areas. Our end-to-end engineering and project management assisted has specifically delivered projects in markets including India, Singapore, Middle East, Malaysia, as well Germany, and Italy.

Our range of experience spans across offshore and onshore operations specializing in process skids & packaged units for dehydration, filtration and compression processes apart from modular electrical substations.

We have also helped our clients with multidisciplinary engineering services for various other process, equipments, structures as well as water treatment units.

In order to help and encourage our clients think environment-first, Ozone also provides end-to-end project management services for high-performance, roof-top based solar power projects, right from the stage of site-assessment to operation, monitoring and maintenance. 


SAP PM Data Management


SAP PM Module contains functions for Plant Maintenance, including Inspection, Preventive maintenance, Repair and other factors which are important for maintenance organization. Such modules can be regularly integrated with other modules which allows all data to be kept current and processes that are necessary for Plant Maintenance and Customer Service. 


SAP PM Module can be applied to any organization to structure the workflow of maintenance activities.

In production plants, PM Module can readily integrate with the maintenance and purchase departments. It stores a number of activities which are termed maintenance task lists and other activities related to preventive maintenance. In the event of a new purchase requisition by maintenance department, the PM Module will provide both time-based and counter-based recurrences, thus resulting in smooth functioning of an organization.


Ozone has undertaken the SAP PM Data Management for a Electrical Generation Package installed on an Offshore platform. In such a scenario, all critical and safety critical equipment are enlisted in the module, which are combined with a Maintenance Plan. Such preventive maintenance measures are triggered as and when scheduled. Also, all equipment technical data is fed into the system, which provides underlining process design and assemblies for procurement in case of a failure.

This module can be used by both maintenance and purchase team for Preventive Maintenance of a system.


Smartplant P&ID


SmartPlant P&ID help EPCs, Plant Owners and Operators develop and manage P&IDs with a focus on the plant asset rather than the document representation. It exercises rules and connectivity checks to speed up the entire engineering process, thus help save resources without compromising design quality or integrity.


SmartPlant P&ID applications can be seen in various process industries including oil and gas, waste water treatment, thermal and cement plants.

SmartPlant P&ID offers  creation of intelligent P&IDs through built-in engineering rules and consistency checking. Offering sharing of application of data across disciplines, SmartPlant P&ID also includes integration into 3D Modelling, saving many hours of design validation.


Ozone offers complete SmartPlant P&ID solutions, from customization and cataloging to drafting of P&ID. We ensure that all P&IDs are up to date and are reflected in As-Built documentation.

Ozone has undertaken projects for Clients wherein we offered complete SmartPlant P&ID solution for Oil and Gas core and ancilliary processes. Additionally we also offer SmartPlant P&ID training to Client Personnel for comprehensive understanding and approach to 3D Modelling.


Product Design & modeling


Ozone has worked with fabricators, machinery and tools manufacturers across the globe delivering advanced modeling assignments. Our expertise in Product Design various services including 3D Parametric Solid Modelling, Class A Surfacing, Sheet Metal Component Design, Benchmarking & reverse engineering of existing products, Assemblies of large structures and CAD Drafting.


Ozone has carried out Full product design and modelling of After-Treatment machine for an International Client. The basic scope of work for the project includes complete design and assembly of parts in the machine. This activity helped the manufacturer to understand the vital points of manufacture schedule, manufactured parts, material, assembly and required necessary modifications to market their product.

Our expertise in 3D Parametric Modeling for equipments such as Gasifiers, Electrostatic Precipitators have helped fabricators quickly simulate and replicate the installations across the globe.

Also, our experience on widely used CAD Drafting and Modelling technologies have helped manufacturers in revamps and modification in the machinery.